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👨‍💼 From 5,000 AI Applications to 20 Interviews

The First Custom AI Chip

Plus: First Custom AI Chip

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Great Thursday 🌟

Microsoft debuts its first AI-focused Azure chips, rivaling Nvidia and Google.

Also, stuck at a 0.4% interview success rate? Our latest tips will help you boost your resume's impact. Scroll down for more

What are on FIREEE 🔥

🌐 Microsoft Unveils AI-Focused Azure Chips
👩‍💻 Copilot: Bing Chat's Enhanced AI
🖼️ Google's AI-Driven Photo Innovation
🖥️ CFOs' Role in Gen AI Transformation
👓 AI-Driven Visual Assistance for the Blind
⚡ 5 AI Quick Hits
💸 Daily AI Fundraising
💾 Hot Tech News
🏅 Top AI tools
✏️ Tutorial: How to Installing Claude for Sheets
🎯 2 Prompts to Update Your Resume
💼 4 AI Jobs

Create Your AI-Generated Video in Just 10 Minutes with $0 Budget: A Complete Guide

AI helps us make videos without any skills needed! Our guide, "Create Your AI-Generated Video in Just 10 Minutes with $0 Budget," shows you how to craft stunning videos effortlessly using AI.

Learn to use AI InVideo for video making, Veed.io for subtitles, and ElevenLabs for voiceovers. Ideal for beginners and anyone keen to explore easy AI video creation. Let's start this fun, skill-free journey into the world of AI video-making! 📹

🌐 Microsoft Unveils AI-Focused Azure Chips

Azure Maia 100 and Cobalt CPU launched to enhance Microsoft's cloud AI.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Maia 100 chip represents a breakthrough in AI chip design.",

  • Azure Cobalt CPU, an ARM-based processor, optimizes cloud computing.",

  • Microsoft's chips bolster its offerings in generative AI and cloud services.

Why it matters: Microsoft's new chips could redefine the landscape of AI and cloud computing, offering advanced, efficient solutions.

👨‍💼 From 5,000 AI Applications to 20 Interviews

Source: Yahoo News

Julian Joseph's use of AI to apply for 5,000 jobs offers insights into the evolving job market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Julian Joseph's AI-assisted job hunt led to 20 interviews from 5,000 applications.

  • The use of AI for job applications reflects a shift in job-seeking methods.

  • The growing reliance on AI in job hunting raises questions about its effectiveness.

  • Recruiters and applicants increasingly depend on AI, altering the recruitment landscape.

Why it matters: Joseph's experience reveals the potential for AI to revolutionize job hunting, highlighting the need for new tactics in an AI-dominated job market.

Our POV: The job search process, overwhelmed by AI-generated applications, becomes less personal, much like a pro surfboarder lost in a sea of waves. Companies overwhelmed by the sheer volume often end up ghosting candidates, contributing to a low 0.4% interview success rate. The issue lies in the system's noise from mass application.

🖼️ Google's AI-Driven Photo Innovation

Source: Google

Google Photos introduces AI to select and organize images effectively.

Key takeaways:

  • Photo Stacks uses AI to declutter photo albums.

  • AI assists in sorting and reminding about important screenshots, and documents.

Why it matters: These AI features in Google Photos represent a leap in digital photo management, offering streamlined and intelligent gallery curation.

🖥️ CFOs' Role in Gen AI Transformation

Source: McKinsey & Company

Exploring the strategic importance of CFOs in adopting generative AI for business growth.

Key takeaways:

  • Strategic resource allocation by CFOs key for gen AI success.

  • Focus on high-impact gen AI projects essential.

  • Gen AI represents a revolutionary technology in business.

  • Risk and innovation balance critical in gen AI adoption.

Why it matters: CFOs' expertise in resource allocation and risk management is crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by gen AI.

👓 AI-Driven Visual Assistance for the Blind

Source: The Verge

Microsoft's Be My Eyes AI, with GPT-4, aids visually impaired users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft's partnership with Be My Eyes enhances support for blind customers.

  • The AI tool offers fast, efficient solutions for visually impaired users.

  • Be My AI’s success indicates a trend toward AI in accessibility.

  • The tool's use of GPT-4 showcases AI's versatility in customer support.

  • Microsoft's commitment to disabled users is evident in this initiative.

Why it matters: This collaboration between Microsoft and Be My Eyes, using AI, is a pivotal development in making technology more accessible and user-friendly for the visually impaired.

The AI Quick Hits

1. 🤔 AI 'brainstorms' to solve chess puzzles (Read More)

2. 🤳 Instagram gets custom AI stickers, filters (Read more)

3. 🤖 Microsoft launches Copilot AI tools (Read more)

4. ☁️ AI drives cloud spending after cutbacks (Read more)

5. 💲 Martian tool switches LLMs to cut costs (Read More)

💸 Daily AI Fundraising

Tech Spark AI secures $1.4 million for a ChatGPT-like platform - Focusing on diverse, inclusive AI solutions.

💾 Hot Tech News

1. 🔍 Alexa App's Map View: A New Era of Smart Home Control (Read More)
Map View in the Alexa app provides users with a digital layout for smart home devices.

2. 📡 Tangram's HiFi: Redefining Depth Sensing in Robotics (Read More)
Startup Tangram Vision's HiFi sensor, combining AI and 3D tech, surpasses Kickstarter's goal.

3. 🚨 High Public Trust in License Plate Recognition Tech (Read More)
Surveys reveal wide acceptance of License Plate Recognition technology across US cities for safety enhancement.

4. 🚗 Experiencing Toyota's AI-Powered Driving Future (Read More)
Toyota showcases AI's role in driving, focusing on skill development and autonomous safety.

5. 🛋️ SPACI: Redefining Wheelchair Comfort & Safety (Read More)
UT Arlington's Alexandra Jamieson was awarded SPACI, a cushion technology for preventing wheelchair users' injuries.

🏅 Top AI tools

The 5 Best AI Search Engines

1. 📊 Andi Search is a startup AI search engine that offers an interpretation of a better way to explore the Internet and obtain knowledge.

2. 🔗 Brave Search is the most complete private search engine. Integrated into Brave browser for an alternative to big tech.

3. 🖥 YOU is an AI search engine that combines a large language model with up-to-date citations to websites, which makes it more than just a search engine.

4. 📋 Phind is an AI-powered search engine designed for developers that allows users to get instant answers, explanations, and examples for all their technical questions.

5. 📝 Perplexity offers natural language answers to questions that are up to date, including being able to answer questions about the weather.

New Empowered AI Tool

6. 🔧 Coinfeeds transforms the complex world of cryptocurrency into simple, digestible insights for everyone.

7. 🧩 SuratFit is a holistic fitness companion that aims to balance physical health with mental well-being.

8. 💡 Solid Apps is a collection of productivity and organization apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

9. 🔮 Kafkai's AI technology is specifically trained to produce SEO-friendly content, making it the perfect tool for blog posts, website copy, and social media content.

10. 🧠 Todook is the most advanced WhatsApp AI chatbot builder and conversational AI marketing tool for AI and chatbot, WhatsApp AI chatbot, Facebook messenger chatbot, and Google Conversation Bot.

✏️ Tutorial: How to Installing Claude for Sheets

1. Get your Claude API key - You will not be able to use Claude for Sheets without a developer API key. You can get an API key from the Anthropic dashboard

2. Install the Claude for Sheets extension
Click here to access the Claude for Sheets extension
→ Click "Install"

3. Enable Claude for Sheets

→ Open a fresh workbook
→ Go to Extensions > Add-ons > Manage add-ons
Click on the triple dot menu at the top right corner of the Claude for Sheets extension and make sure "Use in this document" is checked

You will have to enable Claude for Sheets every time you make a new workbook

4. Connect your API key 
→ Enter your API key at Extensions > Claude for Sheets™ > Enter your Anthropic API Key.
→ You may need to wait or refresh for "Enter your Anthropic API key" to appear as an option.

After you see the green 'verified' checkmark appear, Claude will be activated and ready within your Google Sheet.


The Claude for Sheets extension needs certain permissions to work correctly. These permissions are:

Extension permissions include:

  • Connect to an external service - needed in order to make calls to the Anthropic API

  • Allow this application to run when you are not present - needed to run cell recalculations without user intervention

  • See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets - needed to perform batch cell updates when recalculating #ERROR! cells that have timed out or have been deferred due to API concurrency limits; this service cannot work with permissions given only for the current sheet

Cell Recalculation

Note that you must still manually recalculate cells by selecting from the recalculate options within the Claude for Sheets extension menu.

There are two main functions you can use to call Claude using Claude for Sheets:

  1. =CLAUDE(prompt) - this function will automatically wrap your prompt in the proper formatting of \n\nHuman: ${your_prompt}\n\nAssistant: for you. To use this function, all you need is a plaintext prompt with no additional formatting. This is the function you'll probably want to use most of the time. This is identical to the Slackbot Claude interface and "Chat" mode on the console.

    Here is an example CLAUDE prompt

    In one sentence, what is good about the color blue?
  2. =CLAUDEFREE(prompt, model, params...) - to use this function, you will have to manually sandwich your prompt between \n\nHuman: and \n\nAssistant:. Replace \n\n with two actual new lines when writing your prompt in a cell.

    This is identical to the raw API Claude interface and "Edit Chat" mode on the console. For more information on the special "Human:"/"Assistant:" formatting in CLAUDEFREE, see Introduction to Prompt Design.

    → To make new lines in a cell, do the following:
    Mac: Cmd + Enter
    Windows: Alt + Enter

    Here is an example CLAUDEFREE prompt (notice the two new lines before "Human:")

    Human: In one sentence, what is good about the color blue?

🎯 2 Prompts to Update Your Resume

Step 1. Write A Great Summary

Based on this original summary, and the following resume, create an improved and high-impact summary for me. Include these desirable words and phrases, using data to support soft skills wherever possible, and optimize for both SEO and ATS keywords

Step 2. Include Bullet Points

Using the data and numbers provided, create three to five concise bullet points for my roles at [employer 1, employer 2, employer 3]. Make sure that the numbers are tied to impact and be sure to always support any adverbs.

Step 3. Be Consistent

Have you ever seen a resume that looks mismatched, as if written by three different people? Consistency is key. Utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT can streamline your résumé, ensuring it has a unified tone and style.

This approach not only saves time but also aligns with modern screening systems, giving you an edge in the competitive job market. Embrace AI for a standout, cohesive CV in today's fast-paced digital world.

💼 AI Jobs

  • Jobleads-UK: AI Applied Engineer (Link)

  • ShareForce: Senior AI Consultant - Data Science (Link)

  • Lorien: Artificial Intelligence Consultant (Link)

  • Google: Cloud Conversational AI Engineer, Google Cloud (Link)

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