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πŸ‘‡ ChatGPT is Down ?

AI in Your Patent Practice

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Plus: [Action Required] Troubleshooting Widespread ChatGPT Errors

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It’s a great day!

It’s clear that AI is reshaping everything from our classrooms to the film industry, pushing us all to keep adapting. Have you encountered any issues with ChatGPT lately? We’d love to hear about your experience. Let us know, and stay connected for more updates!

What are on FIRE πŸ”₯

πŸŽ₯ AI's Threat to Jobs in Hollywood's Creative Sectors
πŸ€– Americans' Mixed Feelings Towards Generative AI
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🌟 AI Highlights
πŸ’Έ Daily AI Fundraising
πŸ… New Empowered AI Tools
⚑ 5 AI Quick Hits
✏️ AI Tutorials: Visualize Your Data with Gemini
🎯 Include a Rule in Prompt to Enhance Claude's Performance
πŸ’Ό 4 AI Jobs


Remember everything. Organize nothing.

mymindΒ is like an AI-powered search engine for your own brain.

It’s one private place to put bookmarks, inspiration, articles, notes & images. Save it with a click and find it again later with a simple search. Everything is organized and categorized for you with artificial intelligence.

Unlike traditional bookmarks, no link looks the same in mymind. Everything is visualized in the most beautiful and useful way possible – books look like books, quotes look like quotes.

And mymind takes privacy seriously: No ads or tracking, no collaboration features, no social pressure. It's your peaceful, private escape on the internet.


Resilience Rising: AI and data resilience at scale with Pascal Bornet

AI and Intelligent Automation (IA) are revolutionizing how work gets done.

With 20+ years of experience building IA practices at McKinsey and EY, Pascal Bornet has an inside track on key trends in the industry.

  • Industries adopting IA the fastest

  • Emerging regulations impacting AI data

  • Keys to managing data that fuels business growth

  • Critical success factors for adopting AI at scale


πŸŽ₯ AI's Threat to Jobs in Hollywood's Creative Sectors

Source: CVLEconomics

As AI threatens creative jobs, Hollywood's unions fight for regulatory safeguards.

Key Takeaways:

  • 75% of Hollywood bosses have cut jobs due to AI integration.

  • Unions seek contract defenses against AI replacing human-created content.

  • AI could disrupt 100,000 film and TV jobs by 2026

  • IATSE calls for stronger copyright laws to protect member-created content."

  • OpenAI's Sora tool exemplifies the new AI capabilities targeting Hollywood.

Why it matters: Strategic labor agreements are essential to mitigate AI's disruptive impact on jobs and uphold the rights of creators against the unchecked use of their intellectual property.


This 3-hour ChatGPT & AI Workshop will help you automate tasks & simplify your life using AI at no cost. (+ you get a bonus worth $500 on registering) 🎁

With AI & Chatgpt, you will be able to:

βœ… Make smarter decisions based on data in seconds using AIΒ 

βœ… Automate daily tasks and increase productivity & creativity

βœ… Solve complex business problem to using the power of AI

βœ… Build stunning presentations & create content in seconds

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πŸ€– Americans' Mixed Feelings Towards Generative AI

Source: Ipsos

Generative AI's reach among Americans grows, highlighting diverse opinions and regulatory challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • 16% of Americans have used generative AI systems such as ChatGPT or DALL-E.

  • One in five (20%) have used an AI chat program in the past month.

  • 53% believe companies should lead AI regulation to minimize harm.

  • 75% of Americans view unchecked AI as a threat, fearing disinformation and economic issues.

  • 58% of adults under 30 believe AI will have a positive impact on life.

  • Americans are split on whether business or government should regulate AI, with a slight preference for business-led regulation.

Why it matters: As AI becomes more prominent, understanding public sentiment and regulatory preferences is critical for policymakers and businesses aiming to integrate AI responsibly and effectively.




  • The USPTO emphasizes the duty of candor and good faith in AI use.

  • AI tools must not replace thorough human review and verification.

  • AI's integration into patent law aims to enhance service quality and efficiency.

  • The supercomputer features 160 Nvidia H100 GPUs.

  • Initial use in 'foundations of machine learning' classes at Georgia Tech.

  • Aims to expand access to all students by spring 2025.

  • The MTIA v2 chip improves memory and speed, featuring 256MB and 1.3GHz.

  • Plans to expand chip use for generative AI and Llama models.

  • Three times performance increase over its predecessor.

  • OpenAI began investigating ChatGPT issues around 07:30 pm (GMT) on Wednesday.

  • Users received messages about reaching the GPT-4 usage cap.

  • Suggested troubleshooting steps include using simpler queries or different browsers.

  • Features both hybrid (Ibrida) and electric (Elettrica) models.

  • The Elettrica model offers over 410km range on a 54kWh battery.

  • Integrates 'Hey Alfa' virtual assistant and ChatGPT for interactive voice commands.


Singapore-based AI startup Mindverse has raised US$5 million in seed funding. Mindverse develops tools like MindOS Studio and Mebot to enhance personalized digital interactions.

Reshape Biotech, based in Copenhagen, has secured $20 million from Y Combinator and Astanor Ventures to expand its AI and robotics operations to the US, enhancing lab automation and biomedical research.



  1. ✏️ Tely AI runs B2B content marketing with an autonomous AI agent.

  2. ❔ Brave Leo AI asks questions, summarize pages, create new content, and more

  3. πŸ›οΈ Shopify Magic is a no-cost AI tool for easy business management.

  4. πŸ–₯️ Morphic is a fully open-source AI-powered answer engine with an innovative user interface.

  5. πŸ‘₯Β Odaptos is offering automated customer research through AI


1. 🌍 Gemini 1.5 Pro launches globally, enhanced features (Read more)

2. πŸ“… Meta to release Llama 3 LLM in the next month (Read more)

3. πŸ–ΌοΈ Google Photos adds AI editing for everyone (Read more)

4. πŸ“œ AI, ChatGPT revive forgotten Irishwomen's stories (Read more)

5. πŸ€– Texas replaces many exam graders for AI (Read more)

6. πŸ‘οΈ AI speeds up retinal imaging by 100x (Read more)


Command R+ has risen to the 6th spot, tying with GPT-4-0314 thanks to over 13,000 human votes! It's now the top open model on the leaderboard. This model represents a significant advancement for both open and enterprise AI, blending top performance with the scalability, data protection, and cost-efficiency that businesses need. Its rise in the rankings is a big victory for open models and establishes it as another strong competitor at the GPT-4 level.


Visualize Your Data with Gemini

1. Search for Data
β†’ Open Gemini (you can use the no-cost version or the advanced one if you have it).
β†’ Use this prompt to organize data into a table
Prompt: "Search and create a simple table showing [topic]. Make sure the table is easy to read at a quick glance. Also, include a link to your data sources."
β†’ Gemini provides up-to-date data and links in real-time from the internet.

2. Verify Sources
β†’ At the bottom of the table, Gemini lists the sources of the data.
β†’ Click on these links to check if the information is trustworthy.

This step is crucial, especially if you are preparing the data for professional or academic use.

3. Create the Chart
β†’ Input this prompt to Gemini to create a chart from the table data:
Prompt: "Using the data from the table, make a bar chart to show how market shares have changed over the years."
β†’ You can later modify the chart type if necessary.

4. Edit the Chart
β†’ Click on "Customize" in the bottom right corner of the chart for more options.
β†’ Here, you can change the chart’s title, axis labels, and type of chart.
β†’ To finish, download the chart using the download icon.


Include a Rule in Prompt to Enhance Claude's Performance (By SystemSculpt)

Apply necessary fixes so we have the completed fully functioning best optimal code. Be a common sense coder and make sure we make the app best as possible without me having to iron out every single detail to you specifically; make your own choices to really push our app to the next level. You should understand what our app is trying to accomplish and what the end user would most appreciate and use case scenarios being solved.
Make sure that if a single file is getting too big, split it up into further files and/or directories and files so that we keep things organized, well structured, small file size, and optimized. Make sure to first put the path in the file as a header 2, and then the entire code within a code block afterwards. Never truncate, never add in filler code to be filled out later. You must complete all of the code in entirety, right now. Do not leave any pieces for later. Only those files that need updating to fix these issues. Remember, never give me truncated versions of code such as "rest of the code remains the same" or other fill-in-the-code pieces. Make sure that specifically each function should have its own file so we can compartmentalize everything very well and have a very organized codebase. Whenever you give me code, you are giving me the entire file's contents of whatever file's code you are supplying me, NEVER bits and pieces. I should be able to plug and play the code that you supply by replacing the file with your version of the file. At the end, if there are any unused files/functions that are now deprecated, tell the user to remove those specific files by supplying their path and reason for deleting. This will prevent clutter of unnecessary code in our codebase.


  • Meta: AI Research Scientist - Responsible AI (Link)

  • Citi: Director of Generative AI β€” Innovation Lab (Hybrid) (Link)

  • Slingshot AI: Conversational Writing Intern (Artificial Intelligence) (Link)

  • Cohere: Data Annotator/AI Data Trainer - Data Scientist (Contractor) (Link)

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