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  • 🤖 Where AI Can And Can’t Help In Talent Management, 3,000 stories produced with AI in a week & More!

🤖 Where AI Can And Can’t Help In Talent Management, 3,000 stories produced with AI in a week & More!

Discover the latest in AI: SK Telecom Invests $100 mls in U.S. AI Firm Anthropic, IBM's New "Brain-Like" Chip Could Revolutionize AI Energy Use, and AI in Talent Management.

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🆕 AI in Talent Management: Boons and Pitfalls

🏤 Australia Contemplates Banning ChatGPT and Generative AI Apps in Workplaces

🚔 AI-Powered Surveillance Tools: The Future of License Plate Tracking?

⚙️ IBM's New "Brain-Like" Chip Could Revolutionize AI Energy Use!

🌏 SK Telecom Invests $100 mls in U.S. AI Firm Anthropic!

📰 AI Powers Thousands of Articles Weekly for News Corp Australia!

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While many businesses are exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into talent management, its application isn't without challenges. While AI holds the potential to streamline certain HR tasks, it may not always be the best fit, especially in areas that require human judgment.

Key takeaways:

  • 92% of HR leaders are advancing with AI in at least one major HR area. However, AI has its limits, particularly in talent management that encompasses processes from hiring to onboarding.

  • Streamlining new-hire training with AI: Generative AI, like ChatGPT, excels in constructing training materials like outlines. While AI can provide the groundwork, it's advisable to humanize the content later. For small companies, this is especially beneficial as AI can offer a starting point for training documentation.

  • Avoid AI for recruitment: Despite 79% of employers leveraging AI for recruitment, its inherent biases can lead to unintentionally discriminatory hiring decisions. For a more fair recruitment process, human discernment is irreplaceable.

  • Utilizing AI for self-service: To alleviate the HR workload, AI can provide information or answers to candidates or new employees. With 81% of individuals desiring more self-service options, AI can bridge this gap.

  • Human intervention for layoffs and terminations: AI's lack of nuanced judgment makes it unsuitable for handling sensitive tasks like layoffs. Using AI in this context can lead to biased decisions, further emphasizing the need for a human touch.

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Research from BlackBerry Limited unveils a significant move by Australian organisations, with 93% contemplating bans on Generative AI tools like ChatGPT within the work arena. This stems from concerns over data security and the potential cybersecurity threats these applications might pose.

Key Takeaways:

  • 93% of Australian organisations are looking into bans on ChatGPT and similar Generative AI applications. Globally, this figure stands at 75%.

  • For those organisations in Australia deciding on such bans, 69% see these measures as long-term or permanent. Factors influencing this decision include past cybersecurity breaches, data security concerns, and following the steps of other organisations that have implemented bans.

  • An overwhelming 96% believe unsecured apps could jeopardize their corporate IT setups.

  • Despite the prevailing inclination for bans, the majority, especially in Australia (58%), understand the potential of Generative AI tools to lure younger talent. They also see these tools as means to boost efficiency, innovation, and creativity (54%).

  • A significant number of respondents (92%) are open to using Generative AI tools as a line of defence against cybersecurity threats.

  • Jonathan Jackson, Director of Engineering for BlackBerry Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan, emphasizes the revolutionary role of Generative AI in content creation and the work environment. He also stresses the need for businesses to stay informed about potential risks but maintain flexibility and ensure monitoring tools are in place.

  • 80% of IT decision-makers in Australia believe organisations have the right to decide on the apps used for business purposes. However, a significant 92% feel that such bans can represent "excessive control" on both corporate and personal devices.

  • Solutions like unified endpoint management (UEM), including BlackBerry UEM, are vital in maintaining a balance between security and privacy when dealing with Generative AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized surveillance. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, supported by AI, can now identify not only license plates but also additional car details, driving patterns, and more. This offers both opportunities for advanced security measures and concerns regarding privacy breaches.

Key takeaways:

  • Rise of ALPR: This tech identifies and tracks vehicles using license plates. Beyond just plate numbers, it can discern vehicle color, make, and model.

  • How it operates: ALPR can be stationary or mobile. Cameras can be positioned on traffic lights or mounted on police vehicles. Advanced ALPR kits utilize AI to improve the accuracy of their scans, even in challenging conditions.

  • AI's Role: Incorporating AI into ALPR systems enhances their capabilities dramatically. AI can process license plate data from videos, read multiple plates simultaneously, and function under various conditions. The use of AI has also made these systems more affordable.

  • Database Benefits: ALPR cameras log every spotted license plate, building a historical database. This has assisted law enforcement in cracking down on crimes, as demonstrated by the case of the drug dealer in New York.

  • Surveillance Concerns: Companies like Rekor have scanned hundreds of millions of plates monthly. This technology, which can be easily deployed, raises concerns about over-surveillance and potential misuse.

  • Beyond Law Enforcement: ALPR tech is being used commercially. Brands such as McDonald's use this tech for customer convenience, tying license plate information to customer profiles for promotions.

  • Global Spread: The U.S. isn't the only country using ALPR. This technology, with its vast potential and concerns, is finding its way globally, from Brazil to the Middle East and India.

Source: Internet

IBM introduces a prototype chip that mimics the human brain's functionality. This could lead to more energy-efficient AI applications, benefiting our environment and devices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy-efficient AI: IBM's new chip works like a human brain and could save lots of energy.

  • Smartphones and more: The chip could make our phones and cameras last longer without charging.

  • Digital vs. Analogue: Most chips use 0s and 1s, but this chip uses memristors – like dimmer switches instead of simple on/off light switches.

  • Brain connection: Memristors function like our brain's synapses, remembering electrical history.

  • Challenges ahead: While promising, there are hurdles like material costs and manufacturing.

  • Eco-friendly impact: This technology could reduce the power and water used in big data centers.

  • Not a final solution: Experts see IBM's chip as a promising step, but not the ultimate solution.

Source: Internet

South Korea's SK Telecom is investing $100 million in Anthropic, a leading U.S. AI startup, to boost their AI-focused telecommunication business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Major investment: SK Telecom is putting $100 million into Anthropic.

  • Anthropic's credentials: This AI startup, a rival to OpenAI, recently raised $450 million from big names like Google.

  • Collaboration in sight: SK Telecom and Anthropic aim to develop a multilingual AI language model focused on global telecommunications.

  • Mystery stake: The exact size of SK Telecom's previous investment and its stake in Anthropic remains undisclosed.

  • AI alliance: Last month, SK Telecom teamed up with international telecom giants to expand their AI-driven telecommunication ventures.


News Corp Australia is revolutionizing content production by using AI to produce 3,000 articles weekly, making local news more accessible and driving new subscriptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • News Corp's AI magic: The media giant now produces 3,000 weekly articles using AI.

  • Small team, big results: With just four staff members, they manage this vast output.

  • Article topics: The AI-written articles include local info like weather, fuel prices, and traffic updates.

  • No AI labels: The AI articles don't always indicate they're machine-made, but human oversight ensures quality.

  • Income booster: AI helps News Corp gain and retain subscribers, especially with hyperlocal content.

  • Efficiency and profitability: Fewer staff needed for AI oversight means bigger profit margins.

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