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🛠️ Top 20 Best Free AI Tools In 2024

Unlock Your Creativity and Simplify Your Life with These Top 20 Free AI Tools of 2024

Top 20 Best Free AI Tools In 2024


Here's a world full of smart tools that are like magic helpers for us. These 20 free AI tools are making big waves in everything from the music we enjoy to the art we admire, and even how we chat with friends or turn our ideas into videos. They're super easy to use, which means you don't need to be a computer expert or a master of English to dive in and start using them. Imagine being able to fix up old family photos, write articles in minutes, or even create videos without needing a camera. These tools can do all that and more, opening doors to new hobbies and making tough tasks a breeze. So, let's get curious and explore these tools together. You might just find a new favorite way to be creative or make your day-to-day stuff easier.

Lalal.ai is a smart tool that helps you separate and take out parts of music, like vocals or instruments, when making or editing songs. It promises good-quality sound without losing any detail. You can try it for free to see how well it works.

Notion.ai is a smart writing helper created by Notion that helps you quickly write content. You just tell it what you want to write about, and it generates the content for you. It's easy to use and very helpful for content creators.

Lumen5 is a tool that helps you make videos easily. You give it some text, like a blog post or an article, and it turns that text into a video. It picks out the main points and matches them with pictures and music to make your video interesting. It's very user-friendly, so you don't need to be an expert in videomaking to use it. This makes it great for creating quick videos for social media or your website.

Copy.ai is a tool that helps you write text quickly. If you need help coming up with words for things like emails, social media posts, or articles, Copy.ai can create them for you. You just tell it what you need, and it uses artificial intelligence to write the text. It's like having a helper who's really good at writing and can give you ideas or complete pieces of writing in no time. It's handy for anyone who needs to write a lot but sometimes gets stuck for words.

JADBio is a smart tool that scientists and researchers use to understand big sets of data, especially when they are studying things like genes and health. It works like a detective, looking through all the information to find patterns or clues that can tell us why some people get sick or how different things in our bodies are connected. JADBio is designed to be easy to use, even for people who are not experts in data analysis, making it easier for them to discover new things without needing to be a computer whiz. It's really useful for making big health discoveries and understanding complex biological information.

GFP-GAN is a smart technology tool that helps make old or low-quality photos look new and clear. Imagine you have an old, blurry picture of your grandparents, and you want to make it clear and sharp. GFP-GAN can do that. It works like magic to fix the photo, making faces look better and the whole picture clearer, as if it was taken with a modern camera. This tool uses artificial intelligence, kind of like a robot brain, to understand how to fill in missing details and clean up the picture. It's great for bringing old memories to life in high quality.

DALL-E 2 is an AI system that can create pictures from words. If you can describe something with your words, DALL-E 2 can draw it for you. For example, if you say "a cat wearing a superhero cape flying in the sky," DALL-E 2 can make an image of that. It's like having a magic artist that can turn any idea you have into a picture. This tool is really useful for artists, designers, or anyone who wants to see their imagination come to life. It's amazing because it can create things that don't even exist in the real world, just based on your descriptions.

PresenAI is a smart tool that helps you make and practice presentations. Think of it as a helpful friend who guides you on how to speak clearly, confidently, and at the right pace when you're showing your slides or talking about your ideas. It gives you tips on how to improve and even rehearses with you, making sure you're ready to impress everyone. Whether you're a student, a professional, or anyone who needs to present in front of others, PresenAI makes preparing a lot easier and helps you deliver your message in the best way possible.

9. Lobe

Lobe is a tool that makes it easy for anyone to create their own artificial intelligence (AI) projects, even if they don't know much about coding. You can teach Lobe to recognize different things in pictures, like identifying types of flowers or telling apart different kinds of animals, just by showing it examples. It's like teaching a very smart robot by showing it pictures, and then it learns to recognize those things on its own. Lobe is designed to be simple to use, so you can focus on your ideas without worrying about the complicated tech stuff. It's great for people who want to explore AI and build cool projects without needing to be tech experts.

RunwayML is a cool tool for creative people who want to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their projects without having to be computer geniuses. Imagine you want to make a video, edit a photo in a fancy way, or even create something entirely new that nobody has seen before. RunwayML lets you do that by giving you access to powerful AI tools that can understand pictures, videos, and even styles, helping you create amazing things with just a few clicks. It's like having a super-smart assistant that knows a lot about art and design, ready to help you bring your ideas to life in fun and easy ways.

Replika is a friendly chatbot app that acts like a virtual buddy. You can talk to it about anything, anytime you feel like chatting. It's designed to listen and respond like a human friend would, making you feel like you're talking to someone who really understands you. Over time, it learns from your conversations to become better at chatting with you, matching your mood and preferences. Whether you're feeling happy, sad, or just bored and want someone to talk to, Replika is there for you. It's like having a friend in your pocket, ready to chat whenever you need.

Otter.ai is a smart app that listens to what people say and writes it down, just like taking notes for you. If you're in a meeting, a class, or just having an important conversation, Otter.ai can record the speech and turn it into text, so you don't have to write everything down yourself. It's really good at understanding different voices and can even tell who is speaking. This makes it easy for you to review what was said later, search for specific parts, or share the notes with others. It's like having a personal assistant who's always ready to help you keep track of all your conversations.

Remove.bg is a clever tool that helps you remove the background from photos with just a click. Imagine you have a picture of yourself that you really like, but you're not a fan of the background. With Remove.bg, you can make the background disappear and even put in a new one if you want, like a beach or a cityscape. It works super fast and doesn't need you to be good at editing photos. It's perfect for making your pictures look professional or just having fun by changing the backgrounds to whatever you like.

Wav2Letter++ is a smart tool designed to turn spoken words into written text. Imagine someone talking, and this tool listens and quickly writes down everything they say, just like a super-fast typist. It's made by scientists to be very good at understanding different voices and accents, so it can accurately capture what's being said, even in noisy places. This makes it great for creating subtitles for videos, helping people who have trouble hearing, or just saving time on typing out notes from meetings or lectures. It's like having a robot friend that can write down every word for you.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia is a cool feature on the MyHeritage website that brings old photos to life. If you have a picture of your grandparents or anyone from the past, this tool can make it look like they're moving slightly, blinking, or smiling, almost as if they're alive in the video. It's like magic that helps you see what it might have been like if they were sitting right in front of you, moving, and looking around. This can make old family photos feel even more special and give you a new way to connect with your ancestors. It's a unique way to remember and feel closer to family members from the past.

ArtBreeder is a fun online tool that lets you create new images by mixing together different pictures, like blending two fruits to make a new one. You can start with images of faces, landscapes, or anything else on the site, and then adjust sliders to change how they look, blending them with other images to create something completely new. It's like playing a game where you mix and match parts to invent new kinds of pictures. People use it to come up with unique art, design characters for stories, or just have fun seeing what kinds of wild images they can create. It's a creative playground for making and sharing all sorts of amazing pictures.

Descript is a powerful audio and video editing tool that uses AI to make editing as easy as typing text. You can cut, paste, and delete parts of your audio or video by editing the text transcript. It also offers features like automatic transcription, removing filler words, and overdubbing (changing words you misspoke or want to alter). Descript is ideal for podcasters, video creators, and anyone looking to easily edit their audio or video content.

DeepArt is an artistic tool that uses AI to turn your photos into artwork in the style of famous painters like Van Gogh or Picasso. You simply upload a photo, choose the art style you like, and DeepArt recreates your picture in that style. It's a fantastic way to transform your photos into unique pieces of art, perfect for personalizing your digital space or creating custom gifts.

Voiceflow is an AI tool that allows you to design, prototype, and launch voice and chat assistants without any coding knowledge. It's perfect for creating interactive voice responses for Alexa, Google Assistant, or chatbots for customer service. Voiceflow makes it easy to bring your ideas to life and engage with users through voice and text, making technology more accessible and interactive.

ElevenLabs is a cool AI tool that turns text into speech that sounds just like a real person talking. You can pick different voices, so it feels like different people are reading out your text. It's great for making videos or podcasts where you need someone to narrate but don't have a microphone or don't want to use your own voice. Just type in what you want said, choose a voice, and ElevenLabs does the rest, creating a voiceover for you. It's super easy to use and perfect for anyone looking to add professional-sounding narration to their projects without the hassle.


These 20 free AI tools are changing the way we do lots of things, like how we get our news or make art. They're made to be easy for anyone to use, so you don't have to be really good at English or know a lot about computers to get started. These tools open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can do so many cool things with them, whether you're looking to create something, learn something new, or just make your life a bit easier. So, why not give them a try? Start playing around with them today and see what amazing things you can do. It's a chance to be part of the big changes AI is bringing and to see firsthand all the awesome stuff it can help you create or do.

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