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  • 🎶 Top 6 Best Free AI Music Generators of 2024

🎶 Top 6 Best Free AI Music Generators of 2024

Creating Tunes Made Easy: The Rise of AI Music Generators in 2024

Top 6 Best Free AI Music Generators of 2024


Did you know that making your own music is now as easy as typing a message? Thanks to AI music generators, you don't need to be a music guru to create original tunes. In this guide, I've checked out the coolest AI music tools out there, so you don't have to. From turning your ideas into beats to finding the perfect background music for your projects, these tools have got it all. Let's dive in and see how you can start making music magic with AI in 2024!

Loudly is an AI-powered music generator that helps people create and share music easily. It’s a platform where users can find a variety of music tracks, sounds, and effects to make their own songs without needing to be experts in music production. Users can mix different sounds together, customize their music, and even share it with others on social media or use it for their own projects. Loudly aims to make music creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

What Makes Loudly Special?

  • AI Magic: Loudly uses advanced AI to let you create unique music. It’s like having a musical genius at your fingertips, helping you mix and match over 200,000 sounds to make something cool.

  • Be Your Own DJ: You can change how your music sounds by playing with different elements like energy and instruments. It’s all about making music that fits your style or project perfectly.

  • No Worries About Rights: They have a huge collection of music that’s all set for you to use without stressing over legal stuff. This means you can use it in your videos, apps, or wherever you need some tunes.

Here’s a track I generated by Loudly:

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Who Should Use Loudly? 

Anyone who needs music can find a friend in Loudly. Whether you’re making videos, apps, or just love creating music, Loudly gives you the tools to be creative without needing a studio or musical background. It’s especially great for:

  • Content creators looking for the perfect soundtrack

  • Musicians and producers wanting to experiment

  • Startups and businesses need music for their projects

Cool Features:

  • Playlists to Inspire: If you’re not sure where to start, Loudly has playlists to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Easy Access: Whether you’re on your computer or phone, Loudly got you covered with its user-friendly platform.

  • Affordable Plans: They have pricing that won’t empty your wallet, making it easier for everyone to get into music creation.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Limited Genres: They have 12 genres to play with, which is plenty but might not cover every single musical taste.

  • AI Recommender: It tries to suggest music you’ll like, but sometimes it might miss the mark.

  • Subscription Model: While they offer great value, remember that it’s a paid service, so consider if it fits your budget.

Why Loudly Could Be Your Go-To:

Loudly stands out because it makes music creation accessible to everyone, not just those with technical skills or deep pockets. It's like having a studio, a bunch of instruments, and a music library all in one place, ready to go when you are. Whether you’re looking to add music to your YouTube videos, spice up your social media, or just explore your musical side, Loudly offers a fun and flexible way to get creative with music.

Bottom Line:

Loudly brings the joy of music creation to the masses. With its blend of AI technology and a vast library of sounds, it’s a powerful tool for anyone looking to make music. It's easy to use, affordable, and packed with features designed to spark creativity. Whether you’re a pro looking to streamline your workflow or a newbie wanting to explore music creation, Loudly could be the perfect platform for you.

Soundraw is a cool tool that acts like your personal music composer, but with a tech twist. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to help you create unique soundtracks for whatever project you're working on. Whether it's a YouTube video, a game, or anything else that could use some tunes, Soundraw has got you covered. Let's break it down so it's super easy to get why Soundraw might just be what you need.

Cool Features You'll Love:

  • Make It Yours: You have the power to decide everything about the music – from how fast it goes to what instruments are in it.

  • Unlimited Music: Create as many tracks as you need for your projects, all unique and royalty-free.

  • Works with Your Favorite Tools: If you use Adobe After Effects Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundraw plays nice with them.

  • Choose Your Plan: Whether you're just trying it out or need music non-stop, there's a free plan and a paid one that unlocks even more features.

Here’s a track I generated by Soundraw:

Who Should Use Soundraw? 

Really, anyone looking for music that's a perfect fit for their projects can use Soundraw. Filmmakers, YouTubers, podcasters, game developers—the list goes on. If you're tired of the same old stock music, Soundraw is worth a look.

How Can You Use Soundraw?

  • Videos & Films: Make your videos stand out with a soundtrack that matches perfectly.

  • Games: Add some extra atmosphere to your game with custom music.

  • Business & Marketing: Create catchy tunes for your ads or background music for presentations.

  • Music Exploration: Even musicians can use Soundraw to spark new ideas or fill gaps in their compositions.


  • AI-Powered: Get music that sounds fresh and is tailored to your needs.

  • No Copyright Stress: Use your creations anywhere without legal worries.

  • Customizable: Fine-tune your music to get it just right.

  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, whether you're a pro or just starting out.


  • Might Miss the Human Touch: AI is smart, but it might not capture the emotional depth a real composer could.

  • Limited by Algorithms: Your customization might be limited to what the AI knows how to do.

  • Subscription Cost: The free plan is cool, but the best features come with the paid plan.

Soundraw is a super useful tool for anyone needing custom music. It's easy to use, gives you lots of control, and the AI does a solid job of creating tunes that fit your needs. Whether you're working on a personal project or something for work, Soundraw could be just the thing to make your content stand out with its own unique soundtrack.

Boomy is like a magic tool for anyone who wants to create music but might not know where to start or doesn't have the equipment. Imagine being able to make your own songs with just a few clicks, no matter if you're totally new to music or if you've been around the block a few times with tunes. Let's break down what Boomy is all about, its cool features, who it's perfect for, and how you can use it.

Key Features That Stand Out:

  • Super User-Friendly: You don't need to be a tech whiz or a music guru to use it. Boomy is designed for everyone.

  • AI-Powered Creativity: The AI in Boomy can whip up original songs in no time, giving you a base to start from or a complete track ready to go.

  • Make It Yours: Even though the AI does the heavy lifting, you can still put your stamp on the music by tweaking the melody, harmony, and rhythm.

  • Collaborate in Real-Time: Boomy lets you work with friends or other artists online, making music creation a shared adventure.

Who Will Love Boomy?

  • Music Newbies: If you're just dipping your toes into the world of music, Boomy is a gentle yet powerful start.

  • Busy Creatives: No time to learn an instrument? No problem. Boomy speeds up the music-making process.

  • Teachers and Students: It's a great tool for education, making learning about music composition fun and interactive.

  • Content Creators: Need a soundtrack for your video or podcast? Boomy has you covered.

Ways to Use Boomy:

  • For Fun: Just explore and see what kind of music you can make. It's like having a musical playground.

  • Education: Teachers can use it to introduce students to music production in an engaging way.

  • Content Creation: Create unique soundtracks for your YouTube videos or social media posts.

  • Professional Projects: Even if you're making music for more serious projects, Boomy can help spark new ideas.

Here’s a track I generated by Boomy:

Pros of Boomy:

  • Accessibility: Makes music creation possible for anyone with a computer.

  • Customization: Lets you tweak your music even with the AI doing the initial creation.

  • Cost-effective: You don't need to buy expensive equipment or software.


  • Limitations for Pros: If you're an experienced musician looking for deep technical control, Boomy might feel a bit basic.

  • Subscription: To get the most out of Boomy, you might need to pay for a subscription.

The Bottom Line:

Boomy is a game-changer for making music accessible to more people. Whether you're starting out, looking to create music quickly, or just want to experiment, Boomy offers a straightforward and fun way to get into music production. It's like having a studio and a band right at your fingertips, no experience is required. Give it a try and see what music you can create—who knows, you might just surprise yourself!

Beatoven.ai is like a magic wand for anyone creating videos, podcasts, or any content that needs music. Instead of spending hours looking for the perfect song, Beatoven.ai creates it for you. It's smart, quick, and really cares about making your content shine. Here's a simple breakdown of what Beatoven.ai is, how it works, and why it might just be the tool you've been looking for.

How Does It Work?

Beatoven.ai uses some really smart technology (AI, or artificial intelligence) to understand the mood and theme of your content. Then, it takes this understanding and composes music that fits like a glove. You have options to choose from different styles and moods, making sure the music is just right. And the best part? This music is all yours to use without worrying about copyright issues.

Who Should Use Beatoven.ai?

  • Content Creators: If you're making videos for YouTube or another platform and need music that makes your content pop, Beatoven.ai is for you.

  • Podcasters: Add an extra layer of emotion to your stories or discussions with background music that fits perfectly.

  • Advertisers: Make your ads more memorable with custom music that speaks to your audience.

  • Anyone: Really, if you're doing anything that could be enhanced with music, Beatoven.ai can help.

Why Beatoven.ai?

  • Save Time: No more hours spent searching for music. Get exactly what you need quickly.

  • Customizable: Fine-tune the music to match your content perfectly.

  • No Copyright Stress: The music Beatoven.ai creates is yours to use freely.

  • Enhance Your Content: Music can make a big difference in how people feel about your content. Beatoven.ai helps you get it right.

Things to Keep in Mind

While Beatoven.ai is pretty amazing, it's still AI. It might not capture every nuance a human musician could. If you want to download and use the tracks, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

And, if you're looking for something very specific, you might find the options a bit limiting. But for most needs, it's a fantastic tool.

Final Thoughts

Beatoven.ai is like having a personal music composer that understands your content and creates the perfect soundtrack for it. It's easy to use, makes your life simpler, and lets you focus on creating great content. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, Beatoven.ai is worth exploring to give your content that extra emotional punch.

Mubert is like a magic music box for anyone who loves creating videos, podcasts, or any content that needs a good tune. It's like having a music wizard at your fingertips, using the latest AI magic to cook up unique, copyright-free music just for you. Whether you're making content for fun or for your business, Mubert has got something for everyone. Let's break down what makes Mubert stand out, how it works, and why you might want to give it a spin.

Cool Features You'll Love:

  • AI-Generated Tunes: Mubert is all about creating new and original music. It's like having an endless playlist that's all yours.

  • Fit for All Projects: Need music for a video? A podcast? Or maybe just to jam to? Mubert has got you covered.

  • Make It Yours: You can tweak the music to get the mood, duration, and tempo just right.

  • Mubert Studio: This is where the magic happens. Artists can team up with Mubert's AI to create new sounds and even earn from their creations.

  • Mubert API: Great for developers wanting to add a musical touch to their apps or games without breaking a sweat.

  • Mubert Play: Here, you can find tunes for any mood or activity, just like flipping through a music catalog.

What's to Love:

  • Innovative: Creating music with just a few clicks is pretty amazing.

  • Quick: It literally takes seconds to get a new song.

  • Simple: No need to be a music pro to use Mubert.

  • Versatile: Great for all types of creators.

  • Royalty-Free: Use your tracks anywhere without hassle.

Here’s a track I generated by Mubert:

What Could Be Better:

  • A Personal Touch: While cool, AI music lacks the human element you get from traditional composition.

  • Quality Varies: Occasionally, tracks might not hit the quality you want. If that happens, just try again or tweak your settings.

Final Thoughts:

Mubert is a game-changer, especially if you're into creating content but not so much into making music from scratch. It's super easy to use, and the fact that it's free to start is a big plus. While it's not perfect (the music might not always be exactly what you had in mind, and there's the occasional robotic sound), it's still pretty awesome for an AI tool. Give Mubert a try – it's fun, and you might just be surprised by what you can create.

Splash is a cool new tool that's changing the game for anyone who loves making music or needs a tune for their projects. Imagine having a mini-music studio in your pocket, where all you need to do is tell it what kind of music you want, and voilà, it creates it for you. That's what Splash is all about. It uses smart AI to help you craft unique music, whether you're a pro musician or just playing around. Let's dive into what Splash offers, its pros and cons, and why it's becoming a big deal in the music world.

Key Features:

  • AI Magic: Just by using text, Splash can cook up music tailored to your needs. You want a chill vibe? You got it. Something more upbeat? No problem.

  • Be Your Own DJ: With Splash, you get to play with different styles and moods until you find the perfect sound. Plus, it has a ton of sound packs and beats to play with.

  • Sing Along: If you're feeling bold, you can even use AI to generate vocals for your tracks. It's like having a virtual singer at your command.

  • Friendly for All: Whether you're making music for the first time or you're a seasoned pro, Splash is super easy to use.

Here’s a track I generated by Splash:

Who's It For?

  • Budding Musicians: If you're just starting out, Splash is a great way to experiment with different sounds and styles.

  • Content Creators: Need original music for your videos or podcasts? Splash is perfect for that.

  • Music Teachers: It's a fun tool to introduce students to music production.

  • Businesses: Looking for a unique jingle? Splash can help with that too.

How Can You Use Splash?

  • Creating Soundtracks: Make unique tunes for your YouTube videos or social media posts.

  • Making Beats: DJs and producers can find new inspiration and beats.

  • Writing Songs: Songwriters can explore new melodies and lyrics.

  • Teaching Music: It's a great tool to get students excited about music production.


  • Quick and Easy: Making music with Splash is fast, and you don't need to be a music whiz.

  • Customizable: You have control over the kind of music you make, from the mood to the style.

  • Royalty-Free: The music you make is yours to use however you like, without worrying about copyrights.

  • Fun to Use: Splash makes music creation accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


  • Learning AI: Sometimes the AI might not get your vision right on the first try.

  • Creative Limits: If you rely too much on AI, you might not push your own creativity.

  • Quality Varies: Not every track will be a hit. You might need to play around with it to get the sound you want.

Final Thoughts: 

Splash is an exciting tool for anyone interested in music. It's easy to use, offers a ton of customization, and most importantly, it's fun. Whether you're a professional looking for new inspiration or just want to play around with music creation, Splash is definitely worth checking out. Just remember, while AI can help you make music, don't forget to let your own creativity shine through too.


In 2024, AI music generators like Loudly, Soundraw, Boomy, Beatoven.ai, Mubert, and Splash have revolutionized music creation, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you're a newbie, a content creator, or a professional musician, these tools offer a fast, easy, and fun way to create unique tunes. They're changing the game by allowing anyone to explore their musical creativity without the need for deep technical knowledge or a big budget. The future of music-making is here, and it's for everyone.

Anyway, because it’s a free tool, why not give it a shot?

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