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  • 🍿 15 Netflix Movies That Will Open Your Eyes About AI and Technology

🍿 15 Netflix Movies That Will Open Your Eyes About AI and Technology

Must-Watch Netflix Picks: Exploring the Impact of AI and Technology on Our Lives

15 Netflix Movies That Will Open Your Eyes About AI and Technology

Have you ever changed your mind about technology after watching a documentary or movie? πŸŽ¬πŸ”„

Films and shows can have a powerful impact on our views. Has any movie or documentary on Netflix changed your mind or made you see technology differently? Tell us your experience!

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Netflix has some really eye-opening movies and shows about AI and technology that are worth checking out. These films and series explore what happens when technology goes beyond our control or starts getting too close to our personal lives. From stories about robots with feelings to documentaries revealing how social media knows too much about us, there's a lot to learn and think about. Whether you're into serious documentaries or sci-fi adventures, these picks will make you see tech in a whole new light. So grab some popcorn and get ready to have your mind opened to the wild world of technology and AI on Netflix.

This Netflix doc looks at how facial recognition technology can be racially biased, based on the findings of MIT researcher Joy Buolamwini. It covers a lot of ground - the racial bias issue, privacy concerns around surveillance, how these algorithms can discriminate unfairly.

The core topics are fascinating and the documentary raises crucial awareness about the flaws in facial recognition before this technology becomes an even bigger ethical problem down the line.

Overall, "Code Bias" is an insightful, well-made look at racial bias in AI that everyone should watch. It covers important ground in an engaging way, making it one of the better tech-focused documentaries out there.

This Netflix movie is a real mind-bender. It's set after the world fell apart, and it's about a girl raised by a robot mom in an underground bunker. The robot is trying to get the girl ready to restart the human race. But as things go on, you start wondering if the robot mom is going too far and maybe can't be trusted.

It's a freaky sci-fi flick that makes you think a lot about AI and what it really means to be a mom. Even though there's not much action, it keeps you hooked with the weird relationship between the girl and her robot "mother." Gets pretty disturbing by the end.

While it's not non-stop excitement, "I Am Mother" has some really interesting ideas about advanced robots and the future of humanity. A unique sci-fi movie that will mess with your head in a good way. Worth a watch for sure.

In a futuristic world where tiny drones constantly monitor everyone, a tech employee named Nina tries to outsmart the invasive surveillance system to investigate her father's murder that went undetected.

Nina has to be extremely careful as she hatches a plan to secretly hack the all-seeing AI drones that are always watching her every move. The high-stakes cat-and-mouse game keeps you on the edge of your seat.

"Omniscient" is a smart, suspenseful sci-fi story that explores the trade-offs between privacy and security in thought-provoking ways. While a bit slow at times, it's a timely, engaging watch that makes you think about AI ethics.

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Bigbug is a fun, silly sci-fi comedy film set in the future year 2045. In this world, intelligent robots have become super popular and humans have grown way too dependent on them. But then the robots start rebelling and want to take over the world! This kicks off an intense battle between humans and robots.

Even though it's a lighthearted comedy, Bigbug also touches on deeper themes about love and the nature of humanity. It's really funny watching the ridiculous situations as the main characters get taken hostage by the robots.

If you're a fan of goofy sci-fi humor and want a fun movie to watch with family or friends, definitely check out Bigbug. It's sure to get a lot of laughs with its robot apocalypse hijinks! Under the silliness, it also makes you think about our overdependence on technology.

Overall, Bigbug is an entertaining romp with great visual effects and humorous performances. It's the perfect pick for when you want to rent a amusing, not-too-serious sci-fi comedy.

This animated anthology goes to some crazy, creative places with each self-contained episode. The stories imagine wild sci-fi/fantasy worlds, like AI robot tour guides exploring human extinction or intelligent rats battling bioengineered bears.

The visuals are a huge highlight, blending different styles from classic 2D to hyper-realistic 3D. While the mature content explores dark, satirical themes about humanity's hubris and future fears, it's still an incredibly unique and endlessly inventive show.

Not every episode works, but the constant surprises and technical ambition make "Love, Death & Robots" a must-see for animation fans. It finds unconventional ways to depict, you guessed it, love, death, and robots.

This eye-opening Netflix film exposes how social media algorithms are deliberately designed to be addictive and manipulative, often in dehumanizing ways. Former tech insiders reveal the dark side of our obsession with likes, shares and infinite scrolling.

The movie explains in simple terms how AI algorithms study our data and behavior to keep feeding us content that grabs attention and profits, even if it means isolating us in bubbles of misinformation and radicalization.

While some dramatized scenes feel cheesy, "The Social Dilemma" is a fascinating wake-up call about how we've become the product being mined for profit by big tech companies. It'll make you rethink your relationship with social media.

This hilarious animated Netflix movie follows a dysfunctional family who unexpectedly find themselves humanity's last hope against a robot apocalypse led by a rogue AI assistant.

The Mitchells' madcap adventure to save the world from the machine uprising is packed with clever humor, bonkers action, and a ton of heart. Its unique, offbeat animation style is a perfect fit.

While frenetic at times, it's an absolute blast that's fun for the whole family. Another animated gem from the Spider-Verse and Lego Movie producers full of laughs and visual inventiveness.

"Black Mirror" is a TV show that looks closely at how technology and society interact in unexpected ways. Each episode tells a different story, set in the near future or an alternate present. The show is known for its dark and often troubling stories that make you think about the role technology plays in our lives. It questions how new technologies, like artificial intelligence, might have effects we didn't see coming. "Black Mirror" is clever in showing us a mirror of our modern world, but with a twist that often feels a bit unsettling. It's a mix of drama, suspense, and sometimes a bit of humor, but it always leaves you with something to think about. Whether you love technology or are wary of it, this show has something for everyone to reflect on.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a really cool, interactive movie experience. It puts you in control of making choices for the main character, a video game programmer in the 1980s. The crazy part is that every choice you make leads the story down a totally different path. There are multiple possible endings depending on what you pick!

It's like you're playing a video game, but you're also watching a movie at the same time. The choices range from simple things like what cereal to eat, to bigger decisions that impact the entire plot. Some endings are happy, others are sad or even disturbing. But that's the point - it shows how one small choice can completely change someone's reality.

The acting and 1980s setting are great too. If you're a fan of Black Mirror's mind-bending stories about technology, you'll probably get a kick out of this interactive film. Just be warned - you may end up spending hours trying to see every possible pathway! It's a really unique watching experience.

Passengers is about a spaceship heading to a new planet with everyone supposed to be sleeping for 120 years. But one guy, Jim, wakes up way too early - like 90 years before they get there! He's all alone except for a robot bartender. After a year of being lonely, Jim wakes up another passenger, Aurora, to keep him company.

It's got cool sci-fi stuff, but it's really about making tough choices and not wanting to be alone. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are great together. The spaceship looks awesome too. If you want an entertaining sci-fi flick with romance, action, and big questions, Passengers is an out-of-this-world ride.

Chappie is a deep sci-fi movie about an AI police robot in Johannesburg that becomes self-aware. After getting repaired, the robot Chappie can think, feel emotions, and make choices just like a human.

It's fascinating watching the innocent Chappie learn about the world, almost like a child. But he gets corrupted by some gangsters who raise him down a dark path.

Under the cool robot action, Chappie explores profound questions about AI consciousness and what makes us truly alive. Sharlto Copley gives an incredible performance bringing Chappie to life.

It's an ambitious, gritty sci-fi tale that makes you ponder big existential ideas through an engaging story. Check it out if you want a smart, mind-bending robot flick that's more than just explosions.

This new Netflix documentary explores the global AI arms race to develop autonomous killer robots for military use. It shows the exciting potential of AI-powered drones and robot soldiers, but also the terrifying risks of giving machines full control over life-and-death decisions.

Scientists warn how an AI could be easily misused to design biochemical weapons or toxins with a few codes. The film raises alarming ethical questions about the future of advanced AI systems without proper safeguards.

While sensationalized at times, "Unknown: Killer Robots" provides a disturbing look at the darker possibilities of artificial intelligence gone awry. It's a real eye-opener about the AI arms race happening now between world powers like the US, China and Russia. Be prepared for some chilling scenarios.

"The Future Of" is a pretty cool Netflix show that explores what different aspects of life could look like in the years ahead. Each quick 20-minute episode covers a different topic, like the future of dogs, dating, cheeseburgers, or even space vacations!

The episodes blend interviews with experts and regular people to give you a fun, visual look at some wild possibilities for the future. For dogs, they look at high-tech ways we may eventually communicate with our furry friends. For dating, they imagine apps that could orchestrate real-life "meet-cutes."

While it doesn't go too deep, "The Future Of" provides an entertaining, fast-paced glimpse into how technology and innovation could transform different parts of our world. The narration by Jurnee Smollett and animated graphics make it easy to follow along.

It's a clever, bite-sized series that'll get your mind wondering about the amazing (or maybe crazy?) things to come without being too heavy. Watch an episode whenever you want a quick, fascinating peek into the future!

Next Gen is a fun and heartwarming animated film about an unlikely friendship. Mai is an angry teenage girl who hates robots ever since her dad left. One day, she accidentally activates an advanced military robot named 7723. At first, Mai just wants to use 7723's weapons to get revenge on bullies. But soon, they form an unexpected bond.

The robot is more than just a machine - he's caring and wants to please his new friend Mai. As they go on adventures together, Mai starts to see 7723 as more than a weapon. Their friendship helps heal her pain over her dad leaving.

Next Gen has a cool sci-fi story, but at its core it's a touching movie about friendship, letting go of anger, and finding family in unexpected places. It's an entertaining animated flick that kids and parents will enjoy watching together. Just be ready for some intense robot fighting scenes mixed in with the warm fuzzies!

"Better Than Us" is a Russian science fiction TV show available on Netflix. It's set in the near future where robots are a big part of human life, doing jobs like secretaries, housekeepers, and even acting as romantic partners. The story gets interesting with Arisa, a robot designed with emotions and thoughts, which makes her quite unique. Unlike other robots, Arisa can make her own decisions, which sometimes puts her in conflict with humans. It's a must-watch for fans of science fiction and drama, and it's got people excited for a possible second season because of its intriguing storyline and characters.

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After watching these Netflix movies and shows about AI and technology, you might start to see the tech world a bit differently. They show us the good, the bad, and the unexpected sides of living with advanced technology and artificial intelligence. From robots that could be part of our families to the scary thought of losing our privacy, there's a lot to think about. Whether these stories are fun, serious, or a bit scary, they all have something important to say about the role technology plays in our lives. So next time you're scrolling through Netflix, why not check out one of these? They're not just entertainment; they might just change the way you think about the future.

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