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  • 🆕 NEW: Be First In Line - Meta's AI Revolution for Ads Drops Now!

🆕 NEW: Be First In Line - Meta's AI Revolution for Ads Drops Now!

Discover the latest in AI: Singapore Tops the List in AI Skill Adoption, India Taps AI for Voice-Activated Mobile Payments in Rural Areas.

Meta's AI Revolution for Ads Drops Now

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What are on FIREEE 🔥:

🆕 Meta Introduces Enhanced AI Tools for Better Ad Campaigns

💡 India Taps AI for Voice-Activated Mobile Payments in Rural Areas

💻 Huge Discount on DALL-E WordPress Plugin for AI-Powered Imagery

💾 UK Government to Invest £100m in AI Chips to Boost Computing Power

🧠 Singapore Tops the List in AI Skill Adoption, Reveals LinkedIn Report

🎓 Universities Embrace AI Tools for Boosting Classroom Efficiency

🛠️ 20 ChatGPT Prompts to Ultilize in Business 🎁 4 Free AI Cheat Sheets 🔥 4 AI Jobs

As the holiday season approaches, Meta has rolled out a new guide to its evolving AI advertising tools, promising improved ad performance on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meta's AI Targeting Tools: The tech giant is offering a series of advanced tools designed to boost campaign results without the need for much manual intervention.

  • Trust in Meta's Systems: Despite some hesitancy, many marketers have noticed that the performance of Advantage+ campaigns by Meta improves with time.

  • Advantage Suite Guide: Meta's new publication offers comprehensive insights into their AI-powered advertising tools, elucidating their operation and advantages.

  • Performance Overview: The guide showcases the successful outcomes of using Meta's Advantage campaigns and emphasizes the benefits of their automated targeting tools.

  • Detailed Breakdown: An in-depth look at all Advantage components and their integration during the campaign creation process is provided.

  • Resourceful Links: The guide is replete with links directing users to Help Center articles and other guides, ensuring users can thoroughly understand and utilize each tool.

Source: Internet

In a move to expand digital payments to its less accessible regions, India introduces AI-driven voice-activated payments, aiming to overcome challenges like poor internet access and literacy barriers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Payment Expansion: India harnesses AI to broaden the reach of its Universal Payments Interface (UPI) to the rural parts of the country.

  • The Rural Challenge: Despite UPI being used by 350 million individuals, its penetration into rural areas remains hindered by inconsistent internet and lower literacy rates.

  • Conversational Payments: The Reserve Bank of India launches a system allowing users to verbally instruct UPI payments, leveraging AI for speech recognition.

  • Technical Underpinning: Open-source AI language tools, crafted by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, will support the service, initially available in English and Hindi.

  • Overcoming Connectivity Issues: For users with no internet, near field communication technology will facilitate transactions in areas with weak or nonexistent telecom services.

  • UPI’s Dominance: UPI is the major player in India's retail sector, with nearly half of retail transactions being executed on this platform.

  • Digital Transaction Landscape: Indian consumers predominantly utilize digital wallets, with UPI being preferred for digital retail purchases over in-store ones.

  • Digital Adoption in India: Compared to the US and the UK, India showcases a higher engagement in digital shopping experiences, with younger generations leading the charge.

  • Global Digital Payment Leader: India not only constitutes 46% of global real-time payments but also boasts the highest number of digital transactions worldwide.

Source: Bleeping Computer

OpenAI, famed for ChatGPT, presents a whopping 80% discount on its DALL-E AI image generator for WordPress, enabling users to create original high-resolution art effortlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • OpenAI’s Visual Tool: Beyond the renowned ChatGPT, OpenAI offers DALL-E, a potent AI tool to generate unique artwork using simple keyboard inputs.

  • Effortless Integration: The DALL-E plugin can be installed on WordPress with ease, requiring only an existing OpenAI account for connection.

  • User Experience: By just inputting prompts, users receive multiple image options, rerunning prompts as desired and downloading only the preferred images without any licensing worries.

  • Universal Access: The plugin is available across all modern browsers, mobile, and desktop platforms, and for every WordPress site, without the need for additional software or changes in user workflow.

  • No Recurring Fees: With lifetime access, users can avoid periodic charges, focusing on perfecting their visual content.

  • Advanced Features: Enhanced controls let users modify object attributes, manage multiple objects, adjust perspectives, control image angles in 3D style, and even influence internal structures or the broader view of the image using photographs.

  • Affordable Original Art: The DALL-E plugin now comes at an attractive price of $59, drastically reduced from its original $299.

Source: Hwa Cheng/Bloomberg

The UK's Rishi Sunak is set to pour up to £100m of public funds into acquiring state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) chips in a bid to propel Britain forward in the global AI power race.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Ambition: The UK government is in talks with tech bigwigs Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to set up a national "AI Research Resource", aligning with Sunak's vision of making Britain an AI powerhouse.

  • Massive Order: The current focus seems to be on buying up to 5,000 GPUs (graphics processing units) from Nvidia, vital for running powerful AI models like ChatGPT.

  • Budget Concerns: The designated £100m might fall short of the ambitious goals, leading officials to urge Jeremy Hunt to allocate more resources in the future.

  • Behind the Curve: A recent review spotlighted the UK's AI deficiency, highlighting fewer than 1,000 high-end Nvidia chips at researchers' disposal, and suggesting an urgent need for at least 3,000 top-grade GPUs.

  • Budget Breakdown: Earlier, Mr. Hunt earmarked £900m for computing assets, with most meant for a conventional supercomputer. Over £50m is dedicated to AI, but the expected costs might hover between £70m to £100m due to intense global competition for AI chips.

  • Global Race: As countries like Saudi Arabia secure thousands of elite Nvidia chips, tech giants, including Microsoft and Google, scramble for their share. Meanwhile, the US president restricts Nvidia sales in China for security reasons.

Source: Internet

Workers in Singapore lead the world in acquiring artificial intelligence (AI) skills, according to a new study by LinkedIn, highlighting the rapid global diffusion of AI capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Skill surge: Singapore witnessed a 20x growth in AI skills on LinkedIn profiles since January 2016, much higher than the global average of 8x.

  • Global leaderboard: Following Singapore, Finland (16x), Ireland (15x), India (14x), and Canada (13x) have shown the fastest AI skills uptake.

  • Why Singapore? Pooja Chhabria, LinkedIn's Asia-Pacific head of editorial, attributes Singapore's success to its digital infrastructure, IP protection, and supportive investment ecosystem.

  • Emerging AI skills: Skills linked to generative AI, such as question-answering (up by 332%), classification, and recommender systems, are trending.

  • Job concerns: With generative AI's growing capabilities, there are fears about job replacement. A report estimates 300 million jobs could be impacted globally.

  • Skills and AI: LinkedIn's study indicates AI could augment 45% of teachers' skills, including lesson planning and curriculum development. Still, 53% of teachers' skills remain inherently human.

  • Occupational breakdown: Skills augmentable by AI include 96% for software engineers, 76% for customer service reps, and just 3% of software engineers' skills are solely human-dependent.

Source: ndtv

Once seen as a threat, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are now being championed by universities as indispensable for modern education, transforming both teaching strategies and student learning.

Key takeaways:

  • Growing List: Lance Eaton's spreadsheet, highlighting AI policies at universities, reveals a significant shift in educators' approach to integrating AI in classrooms.

  • Workforce Preparedness: Ignoring AI could disadvantage students in the job market, given the increasing integration of AI in industries.

  • ChatGPT's Capabilities: Beyond assisting with homework, the tool can generate essays, stories, and even research abstracts.

  • Students and AI: About 30% of college students used ChatGPT for schoolwork, especially in English classes.

  • Vanderbilt's Approach: The university is a frontrunner, offering extensive training on AI tools and has had over 90,000 students attend AI-related courses.

  • Cheating Concerns: While there are worries about using AI for plagiarism, the focus is shifting to constructive and transparent AI usage in classrooms.

  • Outside Expertise: Schools are engaging external professionals to instruct both educators and students on AI tool usage.

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